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Plan Ahead by NYCDOT.

January 15, 2014
by Jack

2014 Financial Goals: Are Yours Smart?

Do you plan ahead to reach your financial goals?  Plan Ahead courtesy of NYCDOT.Another dreary New Years’ Resolution post?  Really?


Boring is reading someone else’s resolutions to save more or spend less on knick knacks, knowing they’re going to end up like the resolutions of millions – abandoned by February, relegated to the dusty corners of your mind for another 11 months.

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Birthday cupcake courtesy of Theresa Thompson

November 5, 2013
by Jack

Great Enwealthen Anniversary Giveaway 2013

Birthday cupcake courtesy of Theresa Thompson.Has it been a year already?


It seems like just yesterday that I decided to share the first steps of my journey to financial independence by starting Enwealthen.  Granted we got off to a slow start, recording my thoughts on wealth building books, seminars, economic news, and personal finance at the blistering pace of one post per quarter – two when I was feeling frisky.

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