About Enwealthen

A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

– Jebediah Springfield

Well, a pursuit of knowledge enwealthens the poorest man, woman, child, or small fuzzy critter.

These writings are my thoughts, readings, and experiences, on my personal road to wealth.  While they are written primarily for myself, both to chart my progress, as well as to record my personal thoughts on the books, seminars, and other sources of financial wisdom I discover, I hope you find them of use as well.

A little historical perspective.  On my 24th birthday, back in the dark ages, I was run over while out riding my motorcycle.

Luckily, it was only minor injuries – scrapes, bruises, a few broken fingers and toes – although my motorcycle was not so lucky – totaled.  However, I’d just graduated college so I was no longer on the university health plan, and my part time job hadn’t converted to full time, so no health insurance.  Starving student that I was, I had basic motorcycle insurance so no uninsured motorist coverage, and the person who hit me had no insurance.  End result, I never received a penny from any insurance or the driver at fault, despite taking them to small claims court and winning a court judgment.

Insult to injury, when I went back to work a few days later, I was terminated due to a corporate buyout – and no severance since I was part time, despite repeated past assurances they would make me full time.

So there I was, injured, unemployed, no transportation but shank’s mare, and medical bills that not only wiped out my savings but put me another $10K in debt.

While it wasn’t a happy birthday, it was a birthday – my rebirth into a world of financial awareness and a burning desire to never be in that situation again.  I paid it off in less than 2 years by finding a well-paying full time job, budgeting to make sure I didn’t go further into debt, negotiating a payment plan with the many medical bill holders, and paying a little, even if it was just $5, towards each bill every month.  And of course, always have insurance – medical, auto, uninsured motorist, life, liability, you name it.

What I learned from that experience pushed into learning more about personal finance and investing towards financial freedom, which eventually led here to Enwealthen.  Given the current state of the world economy, and the poor performance of governments around the world, it is up to all of us to take responsibility for our own personal growth, and enrichment.

Let me state emphatically that everything written here is my personal opinion, not fact, and should be taken as such.  Moreover, I am not a financial planner, or any other financial expert, so don’t take my word for anything you read here – get professional advice, and make your own decisions.

I’ve started my journey.  Come join me, and let’s help each other find the way.



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