Financial Literacy Month Is Coming!

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Are you literate?

Financially literate, that is?

Did you know that according to a FINRA study, two thirds of all Americans are financially illiterate?  To the point where they can’t even answer a basic question about interest payments?

That’s sad.  Scary sad.  Dangerously scary sad.

Financial Literacy Month?  What’s That?

In 2004 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution declaring April is Financial Literacy Month.

“Two thirds of Americans are financially illiterate”

Every April financial education organizations across the country hold events to help educate the public about all things financial – debt, interest, saving, budgeting, investing – the basic financial literacy you need to know to survive in today’s society.

In particular, the National Financial Educators Council has some great resources to promote financial literacy and help you help others.  I encourage you to check it out, and do your bit to promote financial literacy in April.

Oh, what’s that I hear you saying?  You already are financially literate?  Really? Prove it by taking the National Financial Literacy Test.

I double-dog dare you!

Promoting Financial Literacy This April

To do my part for financial literacy month, I’m interviewing some of the most popular money bloggers on the Internet – investing, saving, spending, budgeting, you name it.

Every day will be a new interview.

From April 1 to April 30, you’ll get new recommendations on top personal finance books, early money memories, and thoughts on financial education from the people you love to read.

There’s even a special treat for the impatient who can’t wait until the end of the month to read all the interviews.

When the smoke clears on May 1, you’ll be so literate, you’ll be littering up, down, hither, and yon, before you know it.

It’s going to be great!

But Who Should I Interview?

So, that’s the plan.  Now I ask for your help.  Whose thoughts and money experiences do you most want to hear about next month?

I have some big names in the works, but want to hear who you want to hear from.

I want this to be the best interview series ever, so do me a favor

  • Comment below with your thoughts and who you want me to interview
  • Share this story with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tune in April 1 when the fun begins!


  1. I have a few interviews in hand already, and it’s even better than I’d expected!

    I’m hoping you and the rest of my readers like it just as much as I do. If so, this will be an ongoing series, so if you’re interested in being interviewed, comment here but also hit me up via the contact form so I can follow up in private.

    • That’s the best thing about having such a vibrant personal finance community online. We all have a chance to learn from each other.

      April is going to be entertaining and educational!

    • It’s interesting to see the different interpretations of the questions taken by the various writers so far.

      But long or short, direct or off the wall, they’ve all been interesting and have taught me something new. Looking forward to sharing them all!


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