Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #2

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Keeping up with everything on the web is impossible, and who needs the additional stress of even trying?

Here’s an eclectic sampling of my recent interesting reads you might have missed, to help speed your Friday along.


Should I Open a 529 College Savings Account?

Have children?  How do you plan on handling their education?  Here are some pros and cons of opening a tax sheltered 529 account for your children – a guest post at Money Q & A.


How Money’s Handled Around The World (Fascinating!)

Did you know Singapore has a forced retirement savings system?  An interesting trip around the world to view the money habits of various countries – by J. Money

Infographic: The History of Money in America

The Spanish Silver Dollar was the first global currency – better known as “pieces of eight” (Arrrr!).  A graphical tour of money in America from beads to virtual currency – from Visual Capitalist.

The ABCs of Finance

Improve your finances one letter at a time – another interesting J. Money read

Real Estate

Infographic: Vancouver Real Estate Mania

Been following the craziness in the Vancouver real estate market?  Shacks selling for $2,000,000!  Here’s a visual summary from the Visual Capitalist.


Unlock Your Retirement Savings Before Age 59-1/2 to Retire Early

My Money Design has some strategies for how to access your retirement savings early.  Are all your retirement savings locked up behind early withdrawal penalties?

What You Should Know About the New Social Security Rules

Most of the loopholes have now been closed.  Lifehacker has a good summary of what’s possible, and not, under the new rules.  Worth a read if you’re planning on collecting SSI.

One Thousand Days of Early Retirement

Root of Good writes an update on how he been spending his first 3 years of early retirement having turned his dream into his reality.  A goal we can all share and appreciate.


Infographic: The Largest Global Risks to Business in 2016

Did you know the Middle East is facing an unemployment crisis? An overview of the global business risks to the world economy courtesy of Visual Capitalist.

This financial bubble is 8 times bigger than the 2008 subprime crisis

With NIRP policies around the world, we’re facing an even greater disaster than what started in 2008.

And that’s a wrap!  Comment below with your thoughts on any of these articles, and your suggested reads.

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  1. I can see the benefits of a forced to save retirement system. So many people put off saving and completely underestimate how much they will need. Nobody wants to be forced to do anything, but it’d be interesting to see what naysayers would say if they had a nice chunk of money waiting for them when they reached retirement age.

    • It’s interesting how many people in the US consider Social Security a closed loop – get out the money you put in, rather than the shared pot everyone contributes to and takes from as needed.

      Given Social Security is unsustainable with 1 worker supporting 3 recipients and only getting worse, it will have to be replaced with something else.

      The only question is what. Whatever it is, 401k and IRAs aren’t it.


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