Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #3

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With so many great articles published every day, it’s a challenge keeping up with it all.

Here’s an eclectic sampling of the most interesting of my recent reads you might have missed, to help speed your Friday along.

Be sure to make it to the bottom to see my top pick!



7 things I learned working in corporate America

Steve’s soon-to-be-retired perspective on work, with some important lessons learned from Think Save Retire.

Why I don’t want to be self-employed

With all the “self-employment is great” promotion in the blogosphere, it’s not for everyone – it’s stressful, time consuming, and hard.  Krystal at Give Me Back My 5 Bucks gives a well-written benefit of her realizations.


My Dog was Approved for a Credit Card

And you thought a teenager with a credit card was trouble?  Chris at Money Peach explains how his dog actually did receive his own credit card.  Makes you wonder how the bank decided on the credit limit.  100 bones?

The Bank Isn’t Out To Get You Personally

With a view from the other side of the table, Angry Retail Banker gives an entertaining tale of consumer banking paranoia.  Is it paranoia if they’re really out to get you?  You decide.

Making Money

The Sharing Economy: 200+ Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time

An overwhelming list of earning opportunities from Nick at Side Hustle Nation.  With everything I know about earning money online, I’d still only heard of about half of these.  Impressive, and well written.


The most important number in investing – it’s not your return

Jim from Wallet Hacks gives an important reminder of the long term costs of fees, and how to keep them from derailing your returns.

What My Four-Year-Old Taught Me About Investing

Our children know so much more than we give them credit for.  A good reminder that financial wisdom can come from anyone, young or old, from Kalie at Pretend to Be Poor.


All You Need, You Already Have

Not specifically financial, but Leo at Zen Habits has a good reminder on appreciation, another way to focus on what matters most and eliminating the things that waste your time, your energy, your money.

What To Do When You Are Disillusioned By The Journey

As Nicola from Frugal Cottage reminds us, it’s easy to get frustrated with your life, your finances, your path, and gives some good tips on how to stay focused and succeed.

Money Management

5 Old-School Savings And Investing Concepts That Still Work

If today’s economy shows us anything, it’s that the rules can change at any time.  But Gary at Super Saving Tips gives us some of the tried and true advice that still makes sense to follow.

The One and Only Step to Financial Independence

Keeping it real over at Afford Anything, Paula gives us the real skinny on what matters most – growing your income or shrinking your expenses.


5 Ways Parenting Has Changed How I Think About Money

Becoming a parent changes you in ways you can never imagine.  Emmy writes at Club Thrifty with a reminder of all the financial moves you need to make as a parent to get your financial house in order.

A Formula for Winning at Life: What I’m Teaching My Kids About Money, Careers and Life

With a list of important life lessons, money or otherwise, Emma on Money Can Buy Me Happiness gives not just a education, but a reminder that there’s much more to life than money.

Financial Freedom

With the reminder that we all can succeed at retirement, early or not, with the right planning, two success stories from people who have reached their goal.

A Different Retirement Plan

ESI runs down the various scenarios for his current assets at ESI Money to see which scenarios allow him to retire now.  Turns out it’s all of them!  Congratulations on reaching such an important and impressive financial goal!

How I Retired at 34

How Mr Crazy Kicks made the right moves to cut loose from the corporate grind, enjoy life again, and eventually, retire early!  If nothing else, read it for the name.  Congratulations!


With the summer season well upon us, it’s worth highlighting a few seasonal tips.

Best Ways To Save Money In The Summer

Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents gives a good run-down of some easy ways to keep your expenses down and still have a fun summer.

Save more money this summer like your life depends on it

Similarly, Sydney over at Untemplater has her own list of ways to save money, improve your life, and enjoy your summer months.

Top Pick

Making Money as An Amish Taxi Driver

Driving Miss Daisy?  More like Driving Mr. Stoltzfus.  Amanda from Frugal Confessions gives some interesting insight into the Amish in this guest post on Budgets Are Sexy about her unusual side hustle.  Top pick for this episode both for the entertaining story, as well as my appreciation of the Plain people from long-standing family connections to the area.

And that’s a wrap!

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  1. Great list Jack! I especially like the Amish Taxi driver link (who’s really not going to read that?). Also, thanks for including the story of my poor dog being lured into debt by another credit card company! 🙂

    • Welcome, Chris!

      I know – most people have no experience with the Amish outside Witness. Amanda’s piece is that rare combination of educational and interesting.

      Glad your dog was able to resist the credit card temptation! You’ve trained him well! 🙂

  2. Great bunch of posts you’ve collected there! And I’m not just saying it because mine was featured.

    Banking can be weird sometimes, as anyone that read my and Money Peach’s articles can see.

    ARB–Angry Retail Banker

    • Welcome back, FS! Glad you like them.

      So many good stories it’s impossible to keep up. Follow Enwealthen on Twitter and Facebook for the interesting stories as I find them, or you can subscribe to the mailing list to get the periodic highlights.

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