Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #4

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With so many great articles published every day, it’s a challenge keeping up with it all.

Here’s an eclectic sampling of the most interesting of my recent reads you might have missed, to help speed your day along.

Be sure to make it to the bottom to see my top pick!



Kid Allowances (And How They Force Me to Budget)

Have kids?  How do you handle their allowances? Here’s one technique from Roo at  Semiproper.

Please Un-entitle Me

Tackled the entitlement problem yet?  Kalie at Pretend to Be Poor gives an evocative perspective from her child’s eyes.

Are You Saving For Your Child’s Future?

From down under comes the Naughty Investor and her plans to give her children a sound financial start.


The History of Money Explained in One Infographic

Another of the Visual Capitalist‘s usual impressive infographics, this time on the history of money.

Why Our System Is Broken: Cheap Credit Is King

Charles over at Of Two Minds gives us another perspective on problems with the underpinings of the US economy.  Not your typical personal finance fare, but always good to expand your horizons.


Stop. Just stop.

In his usual direct manner, a great reminder to be mindful from Steve and Think Save Retire.  When’s the last time you stopped to smell the roses, as it were?

There is no path: lessons from a monk and a billionaire

How to find your path to success in life, whatever that path might be, courtesy of Jason Connell.

Do What You Love And Never Work A Day In Your Life?

We’ve all heard the advice.  But it is true?  One point of view from Jason from Mr. Free At 33.

Life Dividends

From Thias over at It Pays Dividends, a great reminder that dividends aren’t just money. What dividends have you received lately?

Don’t Stop at One Audacious Goal // After FI, What’s Your Next One?

It’s easy to get caught up in the money, and your life goals, above all else.  But remember that to go far you have to aim far, from Our Next Life.

The Numbers Are All A Lie

An excellent reminder that in money, as in life, you’re always in the pack somewhere, so focus on journey, from Melanie at Dear Debt.

Path to Financial Independence

Living Like No One Else

An excellent recap from ESI Money on the practical side of living like no one else now, even as a busy executive.


The 4 Percent Rule for Retirement Withdrawals – Everything to Know

Sure, you know about the 4% Rule, but do you know the story behind it?  A deeper dive than usual into the 4% “rule” courtesy of MyMoneyDesign.

Save More Money With These 15+ Tax-Friendly Accounts

IRA?  401k?  Sure, but what about the TSP or the 403(b)?  An excellent overview of the different common tax-sheltered accounts available in the US from Retire Before Dad.

Let’s Bring The $2.00 Bill Back!

For all the debit-card wielding college students, there is this thing called cash, and even this funny looking thing called the $2 bill.  What would you do with a stack of Jeffersons?  Courtesy of Budgets Are Sexy.

Top Pick

My dad taught me cashflow with a soda machine

A classic in Silicon Valley startup culture, but in case you’ve not read it, a must read by Rob Fitz.  Personally, I hope I’ll be able to educate my own sons about business some way similar.

And that’s a wrap!

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    • I know! I cover a lot of ground reading finance information on the web, and the Visual Capitalist is one of places on my short list of sites that I read everything they publish. Fascinating and educational!

    • Be sure to check out the top pick. For parents who are fans of Rich Dad Poor Dad, it’s a great example of a parent going the extra mile to teach about money and business.


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