Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #5

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With so many great articles published every day, it’s a challenge keeping up with it all.

Here’s an eclectic sampling of the most interesting of my recent reads, some old, some new, all new to me, you might have missed, to help speed your day along.

Be sure to make it to the bottom to see my top pick!


Personal Finance

The Dean Wormer Guide to Personal Finance

Great personal finance / Animal House tie-in by Mr. Groovy at Freedom Is Groovy with Dean Wormer’s double secret guide to money success.

How to Predict If a Borrower Will Pay You Back

Interesting excerpt from Everybody Lies, using Big Data to show what P2P borrowers are more likely to default, or not, courtesy of NY Magazine.


22 Rules Of Trading

While trading isn’t investing, and not a practice I follow or recommend, Dennis Gartman‘s trading courtesy of ThinkWorth Magazine, should be read by anyone investing in the stock market.


The Top 10 Habits of Millionaires for Building Wealth

Great infographic from Visual Capitalist showing top wealth-building habits of the rich.  Are you doing any of them yet?

One Simple Habit the Wealthy Practice Every Single Day

Brett Lee with simple advice on how to make room in your life for the top wealth-building habit of wealthy people, courtesy of Bigger Pockets.

Making Money

4 Side Hustles That Are More Trouble Than They’re Worth

With so much attention paid to side hustles in the PF blogosphere, it’s refreshing to hear Mel’s experience on Broke Girl Rich with a few popular side hustles you might want to skip.

Do You Save Collectibles for Fun…or Profit?

Given my family history with antiques, Gary’s great overview of making money with collectibles on Super Saving Tips struck a chord, and a trip down memory lane of antique fairs and flea markets.


Steal this Amish Blueprint for Managing Your Child’s Paycheck

Amanda over at Money Prodigy shares a fascinating glimpse into the personal finance of Amish families and how you can apply that in your parenting.

Real Estate

How to Run the Numbers For Investment Properties – Back-of-the-Envelope Analysis

Have you been considering investing in real estate?  Great overview from Chad Carson of some of the key numbers you need to focus on for any investment property.

Early Retirement

Are People Who Retire Early Selfish?

Rob over at Mustard Seed Money with an interesting story of starting his new job, and receiving a surprising opinion from a coworker.  Sour grapes?

Top Pick

This Man’s Letter About Finding Your Real Purpose In Life Is The Most Meaningful Thing You’ll Ever Read

Another classic, but new to me, Hunter S. Thompson’s life advice to a friend when he was young and not yet famous… via Men’s XP.  You can see the incipient brilliance in his words.  Do yourself a favor and read this, whether you’ve read it before or not.

And that’s a wrap!

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    • Thanks for the great work, Gary! It’s impossible to keep up with everything, and I’ve given up trying, but I do like calling out my favorites when I find them, so others can benefit from my curating.

  1. Thanks I guess. 🙁 I’m trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend reading blogs, and you go and post all these great articles. 🙂

    • That’s where the Top Pick comes in, Brian! When there’s just not enough time, if you have to pick one, go for the top pick and dive in. This one’s a doozy and well worth the time to read. Where you might skim most articles, this one pulls you in and makes you ponder.


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