Interesting Reads for the Financially Inclined #6

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With so much amazing writing published every day, it’s a challenge keeping up with it all.

To cut through the avalanche and help speed your day along, here’s an eclectic sampling of the most interesting of my recent reads you might have missed.

Be sure to make it to the bottom to see my top pick!



A Breakdown of How Americans Get Healthcare Coverage

Along with housing and childcare, healthcare is a top concern and large component of most household budgets… and they’re all growing every day it seems. Jeff DeJardins gives another great visual summary of US healthcare coverage with this infographic at Visual Capitalist.

Peer to Peer Investing

How to Predict If a Borrower Will Pay You Back

In today’s world of P2P investing, predicting individual default is a critical problem to solve. With that in mind, I found this excerpt on NY Mag from Seth Stephens’ new book, Everybody Lies, particularly interesting. Definitely made it on my wish list.

Lending Club 10 Years Later: A P2P Investing Update

You may know I’m a big fan of peer-to-peer investing, so I was interested in Sam’s perspective on Lending Club’s last decade, especially considering last year’s hiccups, courtesy of Financial Samurai.


Are You a “Real Contender” in Life?

Gary over at Super Saving Tips gives some great advice on achieving your goals, financial and otherwise, to be a contender and have a successful life.

How To Conquer Imposter Syndrome

“Fake it til you make it” is a popular saying.  Here’s Mrs. Picky Pincher’s perspective on succeeding even when you feel like a fake, with an assist from Mystery Money Man.

What If Other Areas of Life Operated Like Wall Street?

An interesting thought experiment from Ben Carlson of A Wealth of Common Sense – what if we all stop using common sense and start acting like Wall Street and put short term profits over long term value.

Real Estate

My Top 3 Lessons From a 51-Year Real Estate Investing Pro

While on the surface it’s key learnings from a seminar with real estate investor Pete Fortunato, it’s actually advice for good business and a good life – check out Chad’s article on Coach Carson.

The Creative Way I Plan to Teach My Kids About Real Estate

As a parent, I’m always thinking about how I’ll educate my boys about money to have the financial head start I never had, especially given the horrendous state of financial literacy in the US.  So Elizabeth’s solution on BiggerPockets for teaching her kids about real estate is a great example of teaching what you know


The #1 Reason We Have Successfully Lived On 1 Income For 16 Years

As a fellow single income family, Amanda’s insights on Centsibly Rich into what it takes to raise a family on one income struck a chord, and are a worthwhile read for any relationship, single income or not.

More Than a Prenup, You Need a Pre-FIRE Agreement

Now I’m a fan of pre-nuptial agreements, but I really enjoyed this perspective from Our Next Life on your marriage being your most important investment – true for any couple, but especially for one approaching early retirement.

Top Pick

4 Men with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford

Dave Walters at Esquire gives a captivating story of 4 men – different lives, different incomes, and the choices they make and opinions that shape their finances and are shaped by them. Fascinating, and highly recommended!

And that’s a wrap!

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