Upcoming California Real Estate Tax Deed Auctions May 2013

Public notice of the Castle Espie Lime, Brick, Tile and Pottery Works
Photo courtesy of Ross

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Interested in real estate and tax deed auctions?

Live on the West coast?

Well, pay attention, Enwealthen fans, because we have some good tax deed auctions coming up this summer.

California is a real estate tax deed state, as opposed to a tax lien state. This means that when you don’t pay your property taxes in California, the state seizes your property and auctions it off to the highest bidder (in a tax lien state such as Illinois, they would auction off a lien on your property rather than the actual property).

Each county in California auctions its seized property off every two years, and most, if not all, counties use Bid4Assets to hold their auctions, where you will find detailed information on all the land and residential and commercial properties up for auction.  While many of these properties are undeveloped, or neglected or otherwise distressed, tax deed sales can be a fun way to acquire real estate at a discount.

Just remember to be extremely thorough in your due diligence!

Upcoming 2013 tax deed auctions

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Have you bought property through a California tax deed sale on Bid4Assets?  How was your experience?  Did you get a good property at a good price?  Would you do it again?


Photo of Castle Espie auction sign courtesy of Ross.


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