Upcoming California Real Estate Tax Deed Auctions November 2013

Auctioneer yelling Sold

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Attention West coast real estate auction lovers!

Interested in tax deed auctions and tax lien investing?  Pay attention, because we have some more real estate auctions coming up in November!

Here in California, real estate auctions are tax deed auctions, as opposed to a tax lien auction.

Don’t pay your property taxes in California?  Well, the government seizes your property and auctions it off to the highest bidder.  In a tax lien state such as Illinois, the auction would be for a tax lien on your property instead of the real estate itself.

Most counties in California auction their seized property every two years via Bid4Assets.  It’s amazing the level of detailed information on all the land and residential and commercial properties up for auction.  While many of these properties are undeveloped, or neglected or otherwise distressed, tax deed sales can be a fun way to acquire real estate at a discount.

Check out some of the Enwealthen book reviews on tax lien and tax deed investing if you want to learn more.  Just remember to be extremely thorough in your due diligence!

Upcoming November 2013 tax deed auctions

Mark Your Calendar

Upcoming California county tax deed sales:

  • Kern County, CA
    • January 27th – 29th

Want to learn more?  Read a few books about tax lien investing and the steps required to succeed, and sign up for the free Enwealthen mailing list to receive updates automatically in your inbox.

Have you bought property through a California tax deed sale on Bid4Assets?  Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.  Did you get a good property at a good price?  Would you do it again?


Photo of auctioneer yelling Sold! courtesy of Yellow Sky Photography.



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