What Kyle Bass Can Teach Us About Japan: Yen To Be 200 To The US Dollar


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Kyle Bass, well-known Japan bear, and partner in the hedge fund Hayman Capital Management, predicts more doom for Japan at the GAIM USA 2013 conference this week.

While Enwealthen is not an all-Kyle-all-the-time blog, he does make a strong case for Japan’s incipient trouble.

If you’ve been following the Bank of Japan’s behavior lately, it certainly doesn’t look good – announcing the doubling of Japan’s monetary base by 2014, and now the uncertainty in Japan’s bond market with the market trip wires being triggered several times since the announcement.

My biggest concern with Japan is if Kyle Bass is correct, things could get rather ugly there, and rapidly spread to the rest of the world.  Most notably, in this interview, he predicts the Japanese Yen trading at 200 to the US dollar, and Japanese savers losing 30%-50% of their savings.

Considering the Cyprus theft of a few weeks ago with bank depositors losing 10-40% of the money they deposited in a supposedly secure bank, we can all only hope that he’s wrong.

It’s a question of when, not if.

– Kyle Bass



Image of sheeple armageddon courtesy of Mark Rain.


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