What’s New for the Financially Inclined #1

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Keeping up with everything on the web is impossible, and who needs the additional stress of even trying?

Here’s an eclectic sampling of my recent interesting reads you might have missed.

Psychology of Money

Why Close Is Often Good Enough When Managing Your Money

Len Penzo on why it’s best to make a decision, and keep moving, and avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to your finances

4 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming Engaged

Over at Sunburnt Saver, Melissa gives some good advice on surviving your engagement


Welcome to the Future: Downward Mobility and Social Depression

Feeling a little squeezed financially the last 8 years, and you’re not sure why? Here’s a stark summary from Of Two Minds of the current socioeconomic trends and problems facing the vanishing “middle class” in America.

“You Never Go Full-Krugman”: Insane Helicopter Money Calls Continue As Trapped Central Banks Face Keynesian Endgame

Some very serious people now talking seriously about helicopter money (printing money and giving it directly to the people). Seriously.

What Would It Take for the Prime U.S. Workforce to Fully Recover?

Another great analysis by Doug Short, this time on the state of unemployment and underemployment in the US, which gives a clear insight into why unemployment is “low” but the economy is still suffering.

Earning Money

Ultimate Side Hustle Update

Brian over at Debt Discipline gives a reminder that product distribution is key to success with an update on the woman who turned her side hustle into a thriving business thanks to GoDaddy and their SuperBowl ad.

Saving Money

Netflix Raises Price of Most Popular Plan by $1 per Month

If you’re a cord-cutter like me, you’re likely a huge Netflix fan. If you haven’t heard, Netflix is planning to raise their rates $1 to $9.99/month for new customers. Sure beats $100/month for cable though. Fortunately, existing customers will have a grace period before the new rates apply, yet another reason to sign up now before the rates increase.  And worth noting, Roku just announced the Roku 4 player – top billing on my Christmas list!


Comment below with your thoughts on any of these articles, and your suggested reads.

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    • Glad you liked it, Melissa.

      I always pay attention to the economy – nothing operates in a vacuum, so mastering your personal finances means understanding the economy as the framework you operate in.

  1. That’s definitely true that the existing customers will have a grace period before the new rates apply, yet another reason to sign up now before the rates increase. Thanks for sharing your insights. Keep it up!

    • Just saw an article last week that Netflix will be raising prices on us legacy customers in a few months. Not looking forward to paying more, but it’s still a great value.


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